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We provide a wide range of global tax services. These services include: Expat Tax, FATCA, Forex, Global Structure, US Tax Reclaims and Obamacare.

US Expat tax is the obligation all US citizens have, no matter where they reside to ensure they are compliant with all IRS requirements read more.

FATCA is relatively recent legislation regarding the ownership of foreign assets. It is critical that you are compliant with the requirements of FATCA. The penalties are severe read more.

Global Structure services ensure your business is structured in a way that will maximize your profit by minimizing your tax obligations.

US tax reclaims services ensure you are able to recover all amounts withheld in excess of the provisions of the tax treaty, often as much as 50% of the amount withheld read more.

Obamacare has tax implications, particularly for expats, that our professional team will help you navigate read more.

If you have further questions or believe you may require one of our services, feel free to contact anyone from our professional team here.

Our sole focus is to create solutions for our clients that will legally;

Ensure your compliance with USA and Local Tax Legislation
Minimize your tax, internationally

We understand the worry and concern if you aren’t compliant. Don’t spend your life looking over your shoulder wondering when the dreaded letter from the IRS will come.

Our solutions will ensure you are compliant from an IRS perspective and are legally minimizing your tax liability.


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