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Paying the IRS

At US Global Tax, we are extremely pleased to offer a unique service, in partnership with OFX.

Unique amongst accounting firms in NZ and Australia, we’re able to offer a direct IRS payment service from your NZ or Australian bank account (or other countries).

This service enables easy, smooth transactions to the IRS, with zero transaction fees. In addition, preferential exchange rates are made available to US Global Tax clients, for up to 55 different currencies.

This unique partnership gives US Global Tax clients flexibility, and ease of service unparalleled in Australia and New Zealand. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you.

Please see below a testimonial from Nona James, CPA on using the OFX system:

"I got caught out by the new rules that make it hard for US expats to transfer funds to the US. One would expect them to be accommodating when trying to pay the IRS tax., but it was the most frustrating process.

I spent 3 days talking to head offices of my big Aussie bank, contacting the US Embassy, calling the IRS and Federal Reserve bank as per number on IRS instructions for overseas wire transfers and even calling the Taxpayer Advocate. I was told over and over that no one had a solution to facilitate the transfer so I could pay US tax liabilities unless I still had a US bank account (and my US bank had closed my account because I live overseas). I found US Global listed on US Embassy website and rang. Lance was incredibly helpful and went above and beyond to help me organise a transfer with OFX since I was running out of time before the 16 April deadline. It was a bit scary sending a large sum of money to OFX (who I had previously never heard of) based on the recommendation of Lance whom I had just met. But, because I had no other option, I jumped. It worked out...wonderfully! By that I mean, I have confirmed with IRS and they did receive the funds on 16 April. And, the best part is that I actually saved almost $800 compared to the quote I got from my big bank that couldn’t even do the transfer. I should also say that OFX was also incredibly helpful…calling me back immediately to walk me through the transfer and even following up afterward.

I suspect many more people will be caught out as international taxpayers are finding more and more financial restrictions. The process was simple and efficient and friendly and even saved me money.

Nona James"

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