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 Expert Tax Advice For Migration


 Whether you’re a US citizen moving to Australia or New Zealand, or a migrant moving to the US, we’re able to provide expert tax advice with regards to the tax implications.

As a US citizen moving overseas, we’re able to help with the transition for tax purposes, such as:

  • What will be my obligations as a US citizen overseas?
  • How will the tax work, will I pay double tax?
  • What will happen if I sell my property?
  • What happens with my 401K, or IRA?
  • Can I keep my US self-employment business or rental property?

All of these questions are frequently asked of us, along with more complex tax guidance involving corporations and trusts. Fortunately, this is our area of expertise, and our aim is to make the move as smooth as possible, covering tax on all bases.

In addition, for migrants moving to the US, the tax obligations may seem daunting. We’re able to provide friendly advice on what you will need to do, and how your new obligations will affect you in the long term. In addition, retaining NZ or Australian income sources (such as a rental property) can have complex US tax implications. It is far more cost-effective to get the right advice, in the beginning, than to attempt to clean up years down the line.

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