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Doing Business & Investing in the USA

Doing business in the United States can be a minefield of complex issues not only for large organisations but also for “Mom and Pop” investors.

Investing in the US can be an attractive proposition, whether this is through a rental property, shares, or other business investments. However, does your tax specialist understand the different withholding requirements for foreign companies? Or the complex rules around having a place of business in the US?

The differences between income classified as “US sourced” and “Foreign sourced” can be extremely minor, however, the tax implications of this can have far-reaching implications.

Does your business or trust have “effectively-connected income”? This is a complex area and one that requires expert assistance.

This is where US Global Tax is able to assist, not only through effective tax planning but also the associated reporting required. Contact us today to learn more.

Who needs a to file a US tax return?

  • National Association of Tax Professionals
  • IRS Enrolled Agent
  • National Associations of Enrolled Agents