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Video - COVID-19 Summary

Whilst there has been a fairly large amount of news recently, it can be easy to miss some of the lesser discussed tax items. In our video below, we've summarised the IRS response to COVID-19: Read more

Update - IRS Response to COVID-19 - Tax Deadline Extended

UPDATED - In addition to the tax payment deadline extension below, the tax filing deadline has now also been extended to 15th July (from 15th April). For all clients, we will continue to file extensions until 15th October and 15th December where necessary. Whilst the current environment is r... Read more

COVID-19 - An Update from US Global Tax

An update from US Global Tax on COVID-19 As we approach quite unprecedented times with the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, we would like to provide an update to our clients on our current operations. We appreciate that this is a stressful time for all, and we endeavour to provide... Read more

COVID-19 - Tax Deadline Extended

Whilst the current environment is rapidly changing, the IRS today have announced a 90 day extension of time to pay tax for 2019 (usually due by 15th April). The move as been announced as part of the government's response to COVID-19. This will affect individual and small business filers, who wi... Read more

US Global Tax - IRS Rev Proc 2020-17 - Video

There have recently been some exciting developments with regards to new IRS regulation on their treatment of Kiwisaver, Australian Superannuation, or most other foreign pension schemes. Learn more in our video below: Read more

Video - Tax Extensions for US Expats

The time of year is upon us, whereby a flurry of extensions need to be filed for many US citizen taxpayers overseas. Fortunately, the IRS allows extensions for most types of returns. Learn more in our video below: Read more

Guest Article - Moving to New Zealand

The below article was provided by Jennifer Bennet, of A1 Auto Transport How To Move To New Zealand: Everything You Need To Know To Make Your Move   New Zealand is a beautiful place to live. It has a mild climate, beautiful mountains, gorgeous scenery and a unique local culture that’s friendly... Read more

Video - US Expats with a non-US Spouse

Many of our US citizen clients now live overseas with a foreign spouse, but how does this affect their tax return? Learn more in our video below:  Read more

Video - Self Employment Tax for US Expats

One question which arises very frequently, is that of Self-Employment (or Social Security) Tax. This is a 15% tax which is applied by the IRS on earnings from self-employment in the US. But, how does this affect US expats living in Australia or New Zealand? Learn more below:   Read more

Offices Reopen for 2020

Happy New Year! Well, didnt 2019 go quickly! Our offices have now reopened for 2020, with full staffing from 15th January. To our existing clients, we will be in touch in the coming days with a questionnaire to complete covering the 2019 calendar year, ensuring due diligence in providing our e... Read more

Video - Foreign Bank Account Reporting

Included in the US tax return preparation for most of our clients, if FBAR reporting. Specifically, the Report of Foreign Bank Accounts (Form FinCEN114) reports the existence and maximum values of all non-US bank accounts for US citizens annually. Learn more below: Read more

Video - Gambing Winnings - US Tax

Planning a weekend in Las Vegas? Be prepared that if you strike it big, you may need to pay tax on the winnings. Learn more in our video below: Read more

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