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Video - Moving To Australia or New Zealand, and the US Tax Implications

We're currently going through a period of increased interest in migration to Australia and New Zealand. For US citizens considering this move, there can be tax implications to consider. Learn more below, or call us today: Read more

Free Webinar - US Tax for Expats

    Our next scheduled free webinar is on Tuesday 11th June 2019, at 9am AET / 11am NZT, and will last for 60 minutes. Our webinar will be hosted by David Tzimenakis, our Manager of Client Services, and a Federally Authorised Tax Practitioner. During our webinar, we will discuss: Filing requ... Read more

Video - The Foreign Earned Income Exclusion - US Tax

One question we are frequently asked, is "is there a $100,000 exclusion for filing a US tax return". Unfortunately, the answer is no, however there is an exclusion from taxation. Learn more below: Read more

Video - Renunciation and the Tax Implications for Expats

Our latest video explores renunciation for US citizens overseas. Whilst this is still not common among US expats, it has increased dramatically since FATCA laws were introduced in 2009. Watch our video below, or contact us today for more information:   Read more

Introducing Shalen Singh To Our Team

  We're delighted to welcome Shalen Singh to our Sydney office. Shalen joins the firm as a US Tax Specialist. Shalen is a qualified Chartered Accountant and holds a Masters of Taxation, and is currently underway with obtaining his IRS Enrolled Agent qualification. He has held roles in public pra... Read more

The 15th April Tax Deadline for Expats

Today is 15th April 2019, the first major deadline of 2019 for NZ-US or AU-US expats. See our informative video below for what this means. If you have any questions, call us today.   Read more

Estimated Tax Payments

We’re now approaching the 2nd major deadline of the year, 15th April 2019. This is the filing deadline for most types of individual federal and state income tax returns. Whilst extensions are available (which we file for our clients), this doesn’t extend the time to pay any tax due. For those wh... Read more

VIDEO - US Taxation of Australian Superannuation

One of the most controversial areas of US expat taxation involves Australian Superannuation. With many practitioners holding differing views on the correct treatment. Read more

Doing Business with the US

Doing business with the USA – Do I need to file?   For any New Zealand or Australian business selling internationally, a potential minefield of various tax implications awaits. This is especially relevant when dealing with the USA, and is something we frequently consult on.  When selling into the... Read more

VIDEO - What is the Streamlined Filing Procedure?

Each day, we receive enquiries from US citizens concerned that they may not be meeting their tax obligations to the IRS. Our video below explains the Streamlined filing procedure, which is open to taxpayers who non-wilfully failed to file tax returns to the US.   Read more

Does Your US Tax Return Require Trust Reporting?

Haven’t January and February passed quickly! We’re now in March, and ready to begin discussing the first major deadline of the year, the 15th March deadline for filing Form 3520-A, 1120, and 1065.   During 2018, the IRS began to apply penalties due to late filing of Form 3520 & 3520-A. These ... Read more

Introducing Larisa Zhukovskaya to our Team

We're delighted to welcome Larisa Zhukovskaya to our team. Larisa is based in our New Zealand office, and will take the role of Head of Taxation for our company. With a wealth of experience in both NZ-US and Australia-US taxation, Larisa is considered among New Zealand's top US tax professiona... Read more

Who needs a to file a US tax return?

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