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Video - Tax Planning for US Expats

One key method of ensuring that your US tax returns have as few complications as possible, is effective tax planning. By obtaining tax advice before financial decisions - such as opening financial accounts or setting up a trust - you can help prevent any unexpected surprises later on down the li... Read more

Video - 15th December Deadline

When residing overseas, filing your US tax return on time can come with its difficulties. Fortunately, numerous extensions are available, initially up to 15th June each year, and then an additional extension up to 15th October. However, what is lesser known, is a further extension up to 15th Dec... Read more

News - Australian Director Tony Eaton Retires from Business

It is with best wishes, that today we say goodbye to our Australian Director, Tony Eaton, who has retired from a day to day role in the business. Tony formed US Global Tax with our NZ Director Lance Morris in 2014, and has seen the company go from strength to strength, assisting thousands of US ... Read more

Video - Posting Tax Returns to the IRS

Whilst the vast majority of US tax forms can now be electronically filed with the IRS, using an Authorised e-File provider (such as US Global Tax), many documents are still required to be paper filed. We cover this briefly in our video below, with important notes on IRS mailing procedure: Read more

Video - Form 3520-A, Foreign Trust Filing Deadline

Today, 16th September 2019 is the final day in which a timely filed, calendar year Form 3520-A for a Foreign Grantor Trust can be filed (with extension). For US expats who have an interest in a foreign trust, meeting the trust deadline is essential in avoiding penalties imposed by the IRS. Fore... Read more

Shared News Item - US Expats at Risk of Account Freeze under FATCA

As many US citizens are aware, FATCA (the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) has been in place for a number of years, and has changed the financial landscape for US citizens residing overseas. Today, we are sharing an article from a respected international financial news agency, the Internation... Read more

Video - Form W-7, Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers

For non-US citizens or green card holders who have any dealings with the IRS, an ITIN number is needed in most cases. An ITIN is an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, and is similar to a Social Security Number. Learn more in our video below: Read more

Video - US Taxation of Inheritance and Estates

Losing a loved one can be a difficult time, with tax implications understandably at the back of most peoples minds. Many clients contact us frequently with their concerns related to the taxation of estates, or inheritance, but fortunately for most clients, there are no tax implications. It should... Read more

Video - Capital Gains Tax for US Expats

Many of our clients, both living inside and outside the US frequently have to deal with the issue of Capital Gains. Questions vary from what the tax liability could be, to what forms we would use to report the gain. Learn more in our video below, or call us today: Read more

New IRS Tax Witholding Estimator

Many of our clients live and/or work in the US, and each year need to calculate what percentage withholding tax for their employer to withhold from their wages. This not only affects those living in the US, but also those who work temporarily in the US, or receive income for ad hoc work. The ca... Read more

Dealing with Tax upon Divorce or Separation - IRS Update

Many different life events can have an impact on your taxes, as a US expat. One which we deal with frequently, is the tax implications of divorce or separation. In most cases, this doesn't result in any tax for either party when their tax returns are prepared correctly. However, as with many par... Read more

Video - Foreign Companies

Many of our clients hold companies based outside of the US. But, what filing requirements does this create? In many cases, Form 5471 may be required, or potentially just Schedule C for self-employment income. Learn more in our video below:   Read more

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