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Article - US Tax - Foreign Tax Credits & The Foreign Earned Income Exclusion

For every US tax return that we prepare for our clients, one major consideration needs to be made at the very beginning. This involves using either the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (FEIE) or Foreign Tax Credits (FTC) on our client’s US tax returns. We’ll start off by discussing what these two ... Read more

Article - FATCA - Part 2 - Implications for US Citizens in New Zealand

For the Australian related version of this article, visit In one way, the implications of FATCA for US persons in New Zealand could be summarised quite easily, file tax returns to the IRS every year. This is however severely oversimplifying the matter. As of the beginni... Read more

Article - The History of FATCA in New Zealand and its US Tax Implications

After years of planning and preparation, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) was introduced and became law of the United States on 18th March 2010 1. Through a raft of changes and additions to the tax code, FATCA was created. The introduction of FATCA changed the landscape of US citize... Read more

Video - The Effect of Rev. Proc. 2020-17 on US Taxes for Kiwisaver

To much initial fanfare, a new Revenue Procedure was announced by the IRS earlier this year, which many hoped would finally end the onerous reporting requirements for Kiwisaver, Australian Super, and most other forms on non-US retirement schemes. Unfortunately, the benefits hoped for didn't come ... Read more

US Tax Deadline Week

Well hasn't time caught up on us this year, we're now in the final week before the US tax deadline of 15th October, and time to get everything filed.  For those who filed extensions prior to 15th July, we're now at the extended due date deadline, which falls on 15th October. This of course actual... Read more

Video - US Tax Implications of Selling an Investment Property

In our prior videos, we've covered the sale of a primary residence for US citizens and/or expatriates. But, we're frequently asked "How will I be taxed on the sale of an investment property or holiday home?".Whilst the IRS rules differ slightly for properties which are available for rent, and whi... Read more

Reminder - The 15th September Trust Deadline

After what has been the most tumultuous year that many of us will ever recall, it is a good time to remind ourselves that the US tax system and its multiple deadlines have now gotten closer, with specifically the 15th September trust filing deadline tomorrow.   Whilst most tax forms for individu... Read more

Video - Who Needs to File Form 5471

Many of our Australia & New Zealand based clients own shareholdings in local businesses. These range from small hobby businesses, up to large multinational companies. But, the tax reporting required for businesses such as these can often be surprisingly similar. Learn more in our video below: Read more

Article - Royal Family US Tax Dilemma

Creating a buzz in the headlines today, is the prospect of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle of the British Royal family, becoming tax residents of the US and specifically California.  As most royal family watchers will be aware, the couple essentially resigned from their positions as royal family m... Read more

Video - Tax & Remote Working

It's becoming increasingly common for migrants to retain their US employment when moving to New Zealand, or vice versa. But, does this create a complicated tax scenario? Learn more in our video below: Read more

Video - Do I Need to Report my Foreign Trust?

Clients frequently ask us whether their foreign trust needs to be reported to the IRS. In many cases, our clients don't realise that they actually have a trust reporting obligation. In our video below, we briefly discuss how trust ownership is determined from a US perspective. For any questions, ... Read more

US Tax Deadline Today

We would normally be talking about this moment on 15th April, however hidden among the dramatic nature of 2020 is the delayed US tax deadline of 15th July. As part of the relief made available to US citizens due to Covid-19, the ordinary US tax deadline of 15th April was moved to 15th July. If y... Read more

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