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VIDEO - What is the Streamlined Filing Procedure?

Each day, we receive enquiries from US citizens concerned that they may not be meeting their tax obligations to the IRS. Our video below explains the Streamlined filing procedure, which is open to taxpayers who non-wilfully failed to file tax returns to the US.   Read more

Does Your US Tax Return Require Trust Reporting?

Haven’t January and February passed quickly! We’re now in March, and ready to begin discussing the first major deadline of the year, the 15th March deadline for filing Form 3520-A, 1120, and 1065.   During 2018, the IRS began to apply penalties due to late filing of Form 3520 & 3520-A. These ... Read more

Introducing Larisa Zhukovskaya to our Team

We're delighted to welcome Larisa Zhukovskaya to our team. Larisa is based in our New Zealand office, and will take the role of Head of Taxation for our company. With a wealth of experience in both NZ-US and Australia-US taxation, Larisa is considered among New Zealand's top US tax professiona... Read more

VIDEO - Owning a Foreign Rental Property

Have you ever wondered how owning a foreign rental property would affect your taxes? In our video below, we take a brief look at how the tax implications work. If you are unsure of your NZ-US or Australian-US tax obligations, please contact us today. Read more

Introducing Matthew Twine To Our Team

US Global Tax are delighted to welcome Matthew Twine to our growing team.   Matthew is an IRS Enrolled Agent, and has been practicing in US taxation for over 5 years. Previously with a respected expatriate taxation practice, Matthew will add significant expertise to our offices. Specialising in... Read more

GILTI - Global Intangible Low-Taxed Income - What is it?

One phrase that has been banded around during 2018 and 2019 is GILTI, a new part of the US tax reforms. At this point, many are left scratching their heads at such an acronym, but, it is a real thing.   GILTI was introduced as part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), that we have previously di... Read more

Why use a local US tax accountant?

As part of our fortnightly video releases, we cover briefly in the video below, the advantages of using a local US tax accountant. We help ensure IRS tax compliance with both Australian and NZ taxation.   Read more

Stuff New Zealand - News Article

We were very proud this week to have an article published in the New Zealand media site, Stuff. Whilst the article was written by FairFax Media, our aim is to inform those who are unaware of the filing requirements imposed on US citizens, and to rectify these issues whilst appropriate amnesty pro... Read more

PFICs - US Tax Treatment of NZ & Australian Investments and Superannuation

One of the least understood, but most commonly asked about issues are PFICs - Passive Foreign Investment Companies. These form a complex part of the US tax system, and affect both NZ and Australian based US citizens, usually due to Kiwisaver or Superannuation. In this post, we've created an eas... Read more

Updates For The New Tax Year

2018 Tax Updates – What you need to know   Well, didn’t January come quickly. Another year passed, and for those who filed early during 2018, we’ve already got our next tax filing on the horizon.   As we bring in the new year, we’re taking a look at the changes which will be affecting most US... Read more

Who is a US Tax Resident?

This is a very common question. Please see our video below, or visit our Who Needs to File page.       Read more

Mishkin Santa of The Wolf Group visits our New Zealand Office

Today, we were delighted to welcome Mishkin Santa of The Wolf Group on a visit to our New Zealand office. The Wolf Group are a Virginia based International Tax firm, specialising in global financial services. You may read more about The Wolf Group at Mishkin Santa is... Read more

Who needs a to file a US tax return?

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