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Video - Capital Gains Tax for US Expats

Many of our clients, both living inside and outside the US frequently have to deal with the issue of Capital Gains. Questions vary from what the tax liability could be, to what forms we would use to report the gain. Learn more in our video below, or call us today: Read more

New IRS Tax Witholding Estimator

Many of our clients live and/or work in the US, and each year need to calculate what percentage withholding tax for their employer to withhold from their wages. This not only affects those living in the US, but also those who work temporarily in the US, or receive income for ad hoc work. The ca... Read more

Dealing with Tax upon Divorce or Separation - IRS Update

Many different life events can have an impact on your taxes, as a US expat. One which we deal with frequently, is the tax implications of divorce or separation. In most cases, this doesn't result in any tax for either party when their tax returns are prepared correctly. However, as with many par... Read more

Video - Foreign Companies

Many of our clients hold companies based outside of the US. But, what filing requirements does this create? In many cases, Form 5471 may be required, or potentially just Schedule C for self-employment income. Learn more in our video below:   Read more

IRS to Introduce Secure Messaging System

For those of us who have been involved in communication with the IRS, a common experience is one of frustration and difficulty. Traditionally, we have been limited to fax and telephone conversations, which restrict our ability to communicate effectively when an issue arises. This is great news f... Read more

Video - US Retirement Fund Withdrawals for Expats

For those who have moved from the US to New Zealand or Australia, how their US retirement fund will be taxed is a common concern. Learn more in our video below, or contact us today: Read more

Video - Form 3520 & 3520-A Foreign Trust Tax Implications For US Expats

One issue that affects many US citizens overseas, is Foreign Trust reporting. This frequently arises, and usually requires preparation of Form 3520 and 3520-A (which we discussed further here). Learn more in our video below, or call us today: Read more

Video - Form W8-BEN and W8-BEN-E

Forms W8-BEN and W8-BEN-E form some of the most commonly requested forms from US institutions, when dealing with Non-Resident Aliens, or foreign companies investing into the US. We frequently assist both companies and individuals who are receiving US income, or exporting to the US with preparati... Read more

Video - Moving To Australia or New Zealand, and the US Tax Implications

We're currently going through a period of increased interest in migration to Australia and New Zealand. For US citizens considering this move, there can be tax implications to consider. Learn more below, or call us today: Read more

Free Webinar - US Tax for Expats

Update   Webinar recording below Original Information Our next scheduled free webinar is on Tuesday 11th June 2019, at 9am AET / 11am NZT, and will last for 60 minutes. Our webinar will be hosted by David Tzimenakis, our Manager of Client Services, and a Federally Authorised Tax Practitioner.... Read more

Video - The Foreign Earned Income Exclusion - US Tax

One question we are frequently asked, is "is there a $100,000 exclusion for filing a US tax return". Unfortunately, the answer is no, however there is an exclusion from taxation. Learn more below: Read more

Video - Renunciation and the Tax Implications for Expats

Our latest video explores renunciation for US citizens overseas. Whilst this is still not common among US expats, it has increased dramatically since FATCA laws were introduced in 2009. Watch our video below, or contact us today for more information:   Read more

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