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2017 tax year filing and payment due dates

For calendar year tax returns reporting 2017 information that are due in 2018, the following due dates will apply.

Form 1065 – Partnerships March 15th
Form 1120S – S Corporations March 15th
Form 1040 – Individuals April 17th
FinCEN 114 – FBAR April 17th
Form 1120 – C Corporations April 17th

In general there is an automatic 2 month extension for US Citizens living abroad.
Form 1040 – Individuals June 15th
Note, this applies to filing of returns and payment of tax due. 
You can pay your tax due by this date without penalty, however you will still incur interest from April 15. 
We recommend that if you expect to incur a tax liability for 2017 it is a good idea to either prepare and file your returns by April 17 and make an accurate tax payment or make an estimated payment by that date.

Application for 6 month filing extension, form 4868
If an application for extension is filed prior to the due date of return (June 15) an extension of up to 6 months will be granted.
See below for the extended due dates.
You still must pay any tax due by the original due date or be subject to late payment penalties and interest.
As a general rule, filing dates can be extended but tax payment due dates can’t be deferred. If you work on this assumption you will avoid any late filing and payment penalties and interest.
If you dont have your records available to June 15 we will complete and file the extension (form 4868) application for you.

Extended Due Dates

Form 1040 – October 15th
FinCEN 114 – FBAR – October 15th (Automatic extension)
Form 1065 – September 17th 
Form 1120S – September 17th
Form 1120 – October 15th

The above is a reasonable synopsis. State tax filing deadlines generally follow federal guidelines, however there may be some variations. If you have any doubts please don’t hesitate to call the USGTL team for clarification.

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