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A globally focused high-tech professional US and cross-border tax services provider with offices in New Zealand and Australia.

At US Global Tax, we pride ourselves on assisting our clients with expert US tax compliance services. Through our high tech systems, professional staff, and friendly customer service, we're able to make even the most complex of situations straight forward for our clients.

We assist US citizens, businesses, and all other non-US citizens with ensuring their compliance with their US tax obligations. We provide cost-effective tax return preparation and consulting services that regularly exceed the expectations of our clients.

If you're unsure of your US tax or FATCA obligations, call us today for a friendly discussion.

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Our Testimonials

US Global Tax assisted us in setting up our US Operation. They have been incredibly professional and responsive throughout the process.

I would recommend US Global Tax to anyone. The level of service and expertise is above and beyond expectation.

Jolene Levin


...I did not realize that no matter where I live, I was supposed to file annual US tax returns. This realization was one of the most emotionally challenging times of my life... the whole team at US Global Tax has shown their undivided support and attention for my cause.

Their commitment, caring, generosity, professionalism and readiness to help were beyond my comprehension.

I sincerely believe that the world we live in needs more professional and devoted people the likes of Tony, Lance and Li.

I can not thank you enough!

John Botica

Power of Pebbles

Your team has been fantastic. Responsive, courteous and easy to work with. I’m so happy this is all sorted and that’s one less stress in my life.

Thanks again. I’ll definitely be referring your business to anyone else in this situation.

John M.

Judi and I really want to thank you and your team for the great service you provided with our most recent tax filing! We were a bit sluggish to work with, perhaps, but you were patient — and insistent just when you needed to be. We were very pleased with the way you worked with us.

We will, of course, be very happy to recommend you guys to all potential clients (just as I have been doing even before this very positive personal experience).

- Niels and Judy

Our services

We provide a wide range of  tax services. These services include:
Tax return preparation, FATCA issues, Tax refunds for Non-Residents, and Tax Planning


At US Global Tax Ltd., we are specialists in individual US Taxation. Most US citizens residing outside the United States have a tax filing requirement to the IRS, regardless of where in the world you may be situated.

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Companies and Trusts

Whether you are self-employed with a small business or have a family trust to safeguard your assets, you may have a US reporting requirement.

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Doing Business in the US

Investing in the US can be an attractive proposition. However, does your tax specialist understand the different withholding requirements for foreign companies? Or the complex rules around having a place of business in the US?

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Migrating to/from the USA

Did you know that any individual with US income or investments may have an obligation to file a US tax return, regardless of their citizenship?

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Non-Resident Tax Returns

Did you know that any individual with US income or investments may have an obligation to file a US tax return, regardless of their citizenship?

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An FBAR is required to be filed by any US citizen residing overseas, who has an interest in any financial account(s) with a combined highest balance of more than $10,000 in any one calendar year.

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Did you know that more than 4,000 people renounced their US citizenship in 2017? This is a figure which has been high for a number of years, and potentially could be attributed to the far-reaching impact of FATCA legislation.

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Who needs to file a US tax return?