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Below are a few comments from a number our clients with respect to our commitment to service. Please feel free to contribute your thoughts.

February 2017

Hi Tony,

Thanks for that update. Much appreciated. Your team has been fantastic. Responsive, courteous and easy to work with. I’m so happy this is all sorted and that’s one less stress in my life.

Thanks again. I’ll definitely be referring your business to anyone else in this situation.

Warm regards
John M.

January 2017

“USGlobal Tax assisted us in setting up our US Operation.
They have been incredibly professional and responsive throughout the process.
I would recommend US Global Tax to anyone.
The level of service and expertise is above and beyond expectation”

Jolene Levin


January 2017

Hi Tony,

As you are probably aware, I have completed the process for becoming compliant and the invoice has been paid.

I wanted to thank you and your team for the professionalism, support and speed through the entire process!

Thanks again,


August 2016

“Being one of many US citizens living for so many years abroad I did not realize that no matter where I live,I was supposed to file annual US tax returns.

This realization was one of the most emotionally challenging times of my life.

In assisting me to become IRS and FATCA compliant the whole team at US GLOBAL TAX has shown their undivided support and attention for my cause.

Their commitment, caring, generosity, professionalism and readiness to help were beyond my comprehension.

I sincerely believe that the world we live in needs more professional and devoted people the likes of Tony, Lance and Li.

I can not thank you enough!”

John Botica

us national flowerJuly 2016

Three cheers for the team at US GLOBAL TAX!

My well meaning US tax accountant was at a loss when I moved to New Zealand and I paid for it.  Dearly.

The money I paid to have my 2014 tax return reviewed came back to me TWENTY times over!  (And saved me from making the same mistakes in 2015!)

US Expat tax law is very complicated.   The team at US Global Tax have the experience and know how to make those laws work for you.  Even when your trusted US accountant mucks it up.   US Global Tax was highly recommend to me by a colleague and I can second that recommendation. I will never use anyone else for my US Taxes – even if I move back to the states!  Two thumbs up!

Amanda M.

us national flowerMay 2016

Hi Lance,

No problem – attached here.
By the way – I’ve given Global Tax info out to several people – I think you guys have done a FANTASTIC job! Thanks so much!

us national flowerApril 2016Hi Tony,

Thanks so much- as always, your team has been great and it’s fairly effortless again on my end.  You guys keep doing a great job for me year in, year out.

I really appreciate the assistance in keeping me IRS and FATCA compliant.



26 March 2016kenny marshall and the team

Picture is Kenny and the team at the Bangkok office.

I am an American expat that has been living and working in Bangkok since 1993.

My U.S income tax filing was very simple with a 1040 short form and a few other very easy to fill out forms. The person who filled these forms out for me for many years was the son of a dear friend.

With the advent of FATCA and the mandatory filing of FBAR forms, I needed to find people with experience in dealing with the new laws and requirements.

A friend directed me to PWC in Bangkok. As it turns out, they are not certified to prepare US Income Tax returns in Thailand. I asked PWC for a recommendation and they gave me the phone number of a company called U.S Global Tax Limited which has an office in Bangkok.

When I called the office I was connected to the office manager, Ms. Sudaduang. I asked some very specific questions re: FBARS and the filing of taxes for U.S citizens. Based on her competence and ability to answer my questions, I asked to be introduced to the management team and the people who would be doing the actual work on my taxes.

After one or two conversations with Tony Eaton , Director of Business Development and Client Services, I knew this was the right choice for me. With great support from Tony and Managing Director, Lance Morris, preparing my taxes was very simple.

The gentleman that I met with in Bangkok who was responsible for the end product, Thomas Carden, was extremely helpful in answering my questions.

From start to finish, my experience with U.S. Global Tax Limited was 5 star and I would highly recommend their services to any expat living in South East Asia.
I cannot thank you guys enough for the world class service.

Kenny Marshall
Bangkok Thailand

us national flowerq15 December 2015

“it came as a rude shock earlier this year to learn that I had an obligation to file US Tax returns.  I researched the matter thoroughly out of concern that I was facing a significant tax liability.  As part of the process, I talked at length with ten different tax consultancies including several Big Four and mid-tier firms, and including US Global Tax.  I concluded that US Global Tax had the best understanding of the complexities involved, and offered me the best value for money in preparing my returns.  Even more importantly, I felt they were totally focussed on protecting my interests rather than simply making me tax compliant.  I recommend them highly.”

Robert L Hansen 

us national flower

On 9 Oct 2015, at 6:02 am, ********* wrote

Hi Tony,

Thanks so much for your and Lance’s excellent customer service, I really do appreciate your communication throughout this process and the speed in which my concerns were addressed.

I look forward to working with you both in the future and would certainly recommend your company if given the opportunity.

Kind regards,


15 September 2015“From the moment we first talked with Tony and Thomas at US Global Tax, we felt very comfortable that they and their team understood our unique tax situation and would be able to handle it competently. They always responded promptly to emails and phone calls, and even once answered a call as they were getting ready for a black tie event! We feel fortunate that this service exists, because there is no chance we could have done this without them.

Lachlan & Grace”

us national flower

24 August 2015

Our company used US Global Tax to assist us with finalising our taxation issues both via a federal company return with the US IRS and a state return with the State of California, we found their services to be both quick and responsive, finalising what was required for us very efficiently.

Sharon Johnson | Manager, Finance
GML Heritage

18 August 2015

“I would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to your firm for all your efforts for preparing our 2014 taxes and all years before. The IRS had incorrectly taxed my Wife’s Social Security Withholding Taxes at a higher rate over numerous years and through the great work of US Global Tax, we were able to get a sizeable refund. The work was completed according to the time frame that you said it would be done. I would highly recommend your firm in the future for any US Citizen that need to file US Taxes.”

Lowell A Shorey Sr.